Savory & Spicy Snack Box

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A curated snack box of savory and spicy snacks!

Snacks in the box:
  1. Becca's
    Savoureux Snack Mix
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  2. Daily Crunch
    Golden Goodness Sprouted Almonds
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  3. Amazi
    Chili Lime Jackfruit Chews
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  4. Ashapop
    Vegan Cheese Lily Pops
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  5. Pulp Pantry
    Jalapeno Lime Veggie Chips
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  6. Baja Jerky
    Lime & Serrano Pepper Jerky
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  7. Real
    Jalapeno Cranberry Beef Stick
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  8. Munchrooms
    Hot & Spicy Chili Pepper Mushroom Jerky
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  9. Union
    Pepperoni Crisps
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